A tour of Bucks County, Pennsylvania

Bucks County Restaurant Roundup – January 2020

Are you looking for something different for dinner?  Here are just some suggestions for January 2020 in Bucks County. 

Bucks County has a great selection of restaurants. Here are some of our favorites. This is a recap for January 2020 featuring our favorites from the past couple of months. 

Bucks County Restaurant Roundup January 2020

German food

We visited two places with great German Food. The Newportville Inn in Bensalem offers a good selection of German food and beer. The building has the feel of a German beer hall. During the summer, there is a cozy patio area for outside dining.

Another restaurant with German food is The Devil’s Acre Tavern, just north of Doylestown on 611. The atmosphere is less rustic than the Newportville in but the experience is just as good.

With both places, the term “German Food” is applied loosely. You can get Schnitzel and other classic dishes. In the case of the Devil’s Acre, they have additional entries such as an amazing Kielbasa Dip. Of course, Kielbasa is more closely associated with Poland than it’s neighbor, Germany.


There are a number of Italian restaurants in Bucks County. They range from small bistro type restaurants to larger restaurants with an open seating area. This month, we are listing one of our favorites.

We’ve had great meals at the Osteria Saporino in Southampton. The food and service have been great. It is a BYOB.

Unique and eclectic

Sometimes you are just looking for something a little different. Here are two places that aren’t traditional sit down restaurants. 

The Stone’s Throw and Greenhouse at Shady Brook Farm is a unique experience. The menu is limited but you can also get a sandwich at the deli. The cool part is that they have fire pits outside where you can chill out (or warm up) with friends. 

The Ferry Market is an upscale food court with about a half dozen mini restaurants located in the heart of New Hope. You can get dinner at one place, coffee at another and dessert at a third. 


Bucks County has a good collection of Asian restaurants including Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese and Thai. 

Our favorite is the Chinatown Cafe in Langhorne. It is a small restaurant with great food and service. We usually get the Peking Duck. The servings are generous to the point where we both have leftovers for the next day.


Romantic is subjective at best. These restaurants have smaller seating areas and, being in historic buildings, more ambiance. 

Karla’s in New Hope is one of the more romantic restaurants. The small rooms and overall atmosphere make it great for a quiet, romantic dinner. Depending on when you visit, you may find live piano or guitar music in the dining room.

The bar and upper level seating at Karla's in New Hope
The bar and upper level seating at Karla’s in New Hope

The Pineville Tavern isn’t quite as cozy as Karla’s but the Continental atmosphere makes it a good choice for a romantic dinner. 

Waterfront dining

Most times, the tranquility of a water view adds to a dining experience. There are a few restaurants on either the Neshaminy Creek or Delaware river where you can enjoy a view of the water. 

The Deck at the Bucks County Playhouse is a recent addition to the list of Bucks County Restaurants. It offers a waterfront view. I’m not crazy about their pet friendly policy but some would view that a plus. Almost all tables have a great view of the Delaware River.

Promenade at The Deck Restaurant and Bar in New Hope, PA
Promenade at The Deck Restaurant and Bar in New Hope, PA

High Tides has a great outdoor seating area where you can enjoy a view of Neshaminy Creek and watch boaters coming and going. Of course, the deck is seasonal.

Other good choices.

Here are just a few additional places for this roundup. 

We visited the Hattery Stove and Still in Doylestown on a whim. The food was exceptional as was the service. The decor is somewhat retro.

The Continental Tavern in Yardley has a, not surprisingly, Continental atmosphere with some artifacts on the walls. We found that it had a great combination of food, drink and a friendly crowd. 

The Buttonwood Grill in Peddler’s Village is another favorite. I usually get a burger with their sweet potato fries. You can walk through Peddler’s Village before or after dinner. The Chadd’s Ford Winery tasting room is next door. 

Another favorite for us is the Waterwheel Tavern just north of Doylestown. The restaurant is in an old mill. We’ve been there a couple of times recently. 

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