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The Continental Tavern in Yardley

Oct 2019 – The Continental Tavern in Yardley has a warm Early American feel with great food and service. 

We wanted to try a restaurant that we hadn’t visited yet.  We decided to try the Continental Tavern in Yardley. It is located in the center of the town. We lucked out and found a parking spot in the lot behind the restaurant. 

The Continental Tavern in Yardley
The Continental Tavern in Yardley

The Tavern has a warm, Early American/Continental feel to it. The front porch has seating warmed by large infrared heaters. We visited on a Friday around 6 pm and were able to get seated at a high-top in the bar immediately. We arrived just in time as the seats filled up quickly.  There is a fairly large dining room as well as seating upstairs for dining and events. 

We started off with a Philly CheeseSteak Spring Roll. ($9). That was a great start. The service was friendly and  attentive. 


I ordered a Beef Burger with caramelized onions and bacon with sweet potato fries ($15.25).  I chose the ‘beer cheese’ which I hadn’t had before. I will definitely try that again. My girlfriend ordered the chicken cheesesteak with sweet potato fries. I think we were a bit into cheesesteaks that night. 

Burger at the Continental Tavern in Yardley

In homage to their name, there are some display cases with Revolutionary War era relics such as the bottle collection below. 

One of the staff brought out a box of small pumpkins and gourds along with glitter markers. My girlfriend went to get a pumpkin and markers and I tried to stop her saying “Those are for the kids”. She reminded me that we were in a bar with no young kids in sight. Hey, it was a long week. I focused on my wonderful artistic talent and created this masterpiece. Note – there was absolutely NO alcohol involved in this creation. 

Our pumpkin at the Continental Tavern in Yardley.
Our pumpkin.

They had the front porch decorated with a burger headed scarecrow. 

Burger head scarecrow at the Continental Tavern in Yardley
Burger head scarecrow

Summary – It’s great to see a place loosen up and go beyond serving food and drink. The other customers were very friendly and seemed to really be enjoying themselves. 

For more information, see Continental Tavern’s site

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