Goth Scarecrow at Peddler's Village 2019

2019 Scarecrow Festival in Peddler’s Village

Last Updated on October 11, 2020 by Christopher G Mendla

Last Updated on October 11, 2020 by Christopher G Mendla

Peddler’s Village is holding their annual Scarecrow Festival (2019). Some amazing creations are scattered throughout the grounds. 

The Scarecrow Festival is an annual festival event. This year (2019) it runs from Sept 9th through Oct 27th. There are a number of categories including a kid’s category. This year included a breast cancer awareness category. 

Entries can be historical figures such as this characterization of Ben Franklin including his kite. 

This is another Historical figure – Edgar Allen Poe. 

Edgar Allen Poe Scarecrow - Peddler's Village 2019
Edgar Allen Poe Scarecrow

I thought service was a little slow at this bakery stand. .. nevermind.  Actually this entry was at the entrance to the Buttonwood Grill.

Many of the shops have their entries outside their business such as this one from the Chaddsford Winery. 

Clusters Popcorn Scarecrow Peddler's Village
Clusters Popcorn Scarecrow
Addam's Family Dollhouse - Peddler's Village 2019
Addam’s Family Dollhouse

The Addam’s Family Dollhouse included the characters from the TV show. 

The Addams Family Dollhouse - Peddler's Village 2019
The Addams Family Dollhouse

The Addams Family Dollhouse included one of my favorites, “Cousin It”

This was creative, in my opinion. It was a scarecrow made from bottles in the shape of a dream-catcher. 

Dreamcatcher bottle scarecrow - Peddler's Village 2019
Dreamcatcher bottle scarecrow

OK, two pumpkin head and a lamb on a Kubata tractor sitting on an upside down galvanized washtub.  My girlfriend knew I’d run over as I love to check out tractors. 

Pumpkin heads on a tractor scarecrows - Peddler's Village 2019
Pumpkin heads on a tractor scarecrows

Nothing says ‘Scarecrow” like M and M’s Candy. 

M and M candy scarecrow - Peddler's Village 2019
M and M candy scarecrow

Two of the many entries about cancer awareness are below. The first is “Olivia Newton John”. At least that is what the sign said. 

I guess I have a dirty mind. This one looks a little kinky. Normal people would probably see a scuba diver with a mask and weight belts.  

Soap Opera Company Scarecrow - Peddler's Village 2019
Soap Opera Company Scarecrow

My first thought on seeing this one was “What a Conehead”.  That is what watching Saturday Night Live will do to your mind. 

The Mole Hole Scarecrow - Peddler's Village 2019
The Mole Hole Scarecrow

We also had an entry for a local Catholic girls’ High School, Villa Joseph Marie. 

Villa Joseph Marie Scarecrow - Peddler's Village 2019
Villa Joseph Marie Scarecrow

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For more information see the Peddler’s Village festivals page.

SUMMARY – This is a great event for families and anyone else who wants to stroll through some beautiful grounds while seeing some great examples of creativity.

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