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Revolutionary Wall Dioramas in Neshaminy Mall

There are a series of Dioramas in Neshaminy Mall depicting scenes from Colonial Times and the War for Independence. These are a unique piece of history and have been there since the mall opened in 1968

The dioramas were commissioned by George Strawbridge. They were part of the wall on the mall side of the Strawbridge and Clothier store. As of April 2018, that store is vacant.

When they were first installed, they were animated and there was a narration for each scene. As of 2018 they animations are no longer working.

William Penn and Native Americans diorama at Neshaminy Mall

William Penn and Native Americans This scene depicted one of the purchases of land from the Native Americans by William Penn. These purchases established Pennsylvania


Benjamin Franklin diorama in Neshaminy Mall

Benjamin Franklin- Franklin served as an Ambassador to France and helped secure critical French support for the Colonists.


Signing the Declaration of Independance diorama in Neshaminy Mall

Signing the Declaration of Independence


Moving the Liberty Bell diorama in Neshaminy Mall

Moving the Liberty Bell. The British forces were closing in on Philadelphia. The Colonial Leaders moved the Liberty Bell to a safe place to keep what was a valuable symbol from falling into the hands of British Troops.


Washington at Valley Forge diorama in Neshaminy Mall

Washington at Valley Forge. The Colonial Troops endured an extremely harsh winter at Valley Forge.


Washington Crossing the Delaware diorama in Neshaminy Mall

Washington Crossing the Delaware. The tide of the war started to change when General Washington led his troops across the frozen Delaware River to attack the Hessian Troops in Trenton on Christmas Day.


Battle of Germantown diorama in Neshaminy Mall

The Battle of Germantown. The area around Philadelphia was the scene of many large and small battles.



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