A tour of Bucks County, Pennsylvania

Homeowners hassled by Fallsington over chickens.

A couple is facing fines in Fallsington for having chickens on their one acre property which backs up to several acres of open space. .

Apparently the township changed the ordinances and now Leslie May and her husband are in violation.

The chickens appear to be kept in well maintained coops. Chickens have a lot less impact on a neighborhood than say a neighbor’s dog who barks at nothing for hours on end. Continue reading

The Cactus Grill in Pipersville, Pa

The Cactus Grill was once the ski lodge for a small ski slope in Pipersville.  We usually drop in for lunch. You can eat outside on the deck in nice weather. The ski slope is long defunct.  We’ve always had a great meal and service.

Every Halloween they go all out with their decorations. Check their website for some photos. Continue reading

A friend on my washer

This is from 2013..  I was doing some wash and went to change the water level. As I did so, I noticed this little critter on my washer. It was a harmless garter snake but, even so, I had some extra wash to do after seeing him.

I was able to grab him and let him out in the yard where he could chase bugs and such instead of socks.

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