A tour of Bucks County, Pennsylvania

Fantastic Christmas Light Display at Terwood Road and Brenden Place


The Valenza Family has their fantastic Christmas Light display up again this year.

The family lights up their home at Terwood Road and Brenden place with an amazing display of lights and animated displays. You can find parking on Brenden place but please be sure you aren’t blocking the neighbor’s driveways.


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Sign up for the Bucks County Alert System

The County Commissioners had a link to the Bucks County Alert System on the County website.

The idea is that, if there is an emergency, you will receive email, cellphone or pager notification (people are still using pagers??)

Given the post 911 environment and our proximity to potential problem areas such as New York City, this is probably a good idea.

You can visit the PA alert site at https://bucks.alertpa.org/index.php?CCheck=1

If you live in another nearby county, check out http://www.readynotifypa.org/