A tour of Bucks County, Pennsylvania


Doylestown refers to both the Borough of Doylestown and Doylestown Township.

Doylestown Borough

Doylestown Township incorporates Doylestown Borough and the surrounding area.

Attractions include the Shrine of Czestowoha and a memorial to the Polish Winged Hussars.

There are a number of great restaurants in Doylestown Township such as The Waterwheel Tavern.

Doylestown Township

Doylestown Borough is the county seat of Bucks County Pennsylvania. It is known for it’s government offices, theater, dining, museums and shops.

The Mercer Museum was founded by Henry Chapman Mercer. It houses an outstanding collection of Early American artifacts. His home, Fonthill is another amazing attraction.

Doylestown is the County Seat with a new courthouse and administration building.

There are dozens of restaurants in the town. We recently visited the Hattery Stove and Still located in the old Doylestown Inn.

You can find eclectic stores such as Vintage Vibe which re-purposes vintage items into bluetooth speakers and lighting.

Doylestown is used as the Postal City for locations in the surrounding townships.