A tour of Bucks County, Pennsylvania


Bucks County has some beautiful Municipal, County, State and Federal parks. You can find activities such as boating, hiking, swimming, horseback riding, cross country skiing and more.

Some examples include:

Changes coming this year (2018) to the Bucks County Playhouse.

The Bucks County Playhouse and some of the surrounding properties are undergoing some serious construction. Plans are underway to improve the theater, add dining and rooms and create a river walk. (2019 – much of the work has been completed)

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Herbicides at Peppermint Park in Springfield blamed for dog deaths.

Residents claim there is a link between the use of herbicides and several dog deaths at a local dog park in Upper Bucks County.

Residents in Springfield Township packed a Tuesday meeting of the Board of Supervisors to request the municipality stop using herbicides at Peppermint Park. Numerous residents say the chemical has killed their dogs after visiting the park. The Patch

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