Empty sidewalks at Peddler's Village

Peddler’s Village in Lahaska June 2020

(June 26 2020) Some views of Peddler’s Village in Lahaska as on June 26th showing the effects of the Covid shutdowns. 

Our experience when visiting Peddler’s Village was very similar to our experience the previous week in New Hope.  


We wanted to head up to the Buttonwood Grill for a light dinner. When we called, they said that there were no more reservations available for inside dining but that the outside dining should be available. We decided to take a chance and try for the outdoor dining. It was about 5 pm on a Friday evening.

The parking lots were fairly empty. We found a spot in the parking lot by Earl’s. There were tents set up on the green as well as additional outdoors seating in the courtyard in front of Earl’s.

When we checked the outside dining at Buttonwood, they told us they were at a half hour plus wait but we could try inside. Surprisingly were were seated immediately. The tables are staggered and more than 6′ apart. You are supposed to wear a mask to your table both inside and outside.

Buttonwood Grill in Peddler's Village

Outside Dining

There was a lot of outside seating at the various restaurants. The Cock and Bull has a large tent in their front parking lot. Keep in mind that a lot of the outside dining is near traffic.

Outdoor Dining Tent at the Cock and Bull in Lahaska

We made  a note to stop back and try the Cardinal Winery. 

The Cardinal Winery in Peddler's Village - Outdoor Seating

Closed stores and less customers

A number of stores have closed. Being without income for over three months will push many over the brink.

Unfortunately, I believe that there will be many more closed stores and restaurants. 

We were there around closing time but it seemed that there were less people than usual. 

Empty Sidewalk - Lahaska PA

There were people around. A few wore masks while walking outdoors. You do need a mask to enter stores or restaurants. Be sure to bring your own as I didn’t see anyone selling them. 

We stopped at the Lucky Cupcake to split a key lime tart. That was a good choice.  They had some tables outside and it appears that they have an area outside so you can order without going into the store. 

The Lucky Cupcake - Peddler's Village - Lahaska PA


Dinner was almost normal. Things are much quieter inside when capacity is limited. Most people are friendly but there are some who freak out if they think you are within the six feet magic bubble. Consider that some people might be at a higher risk.

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