Empty Platform at the New Hope Railroad station due to covid restrictions

New Hope and Covid.

(June 2020). The closures have hit New Hope hard as they have almost everywhere else. Stores are vacant and for lease or sale. Restaurants have limited seating. 

We visited prior to the “Green phase”.  There were a lot less people walking around than you would expect on a normal Friday evening in June. There were no spots on Main street but we easily found a spot in the lot just uphill from the train station. 

The trains were not running yet and the platform was roped off. 

Empty Platform at the New Hope Railroad station due to covid restrictions

A number of stores were vacant or had for lease or for sale signs. Three months of no income devastated the local economy. 

Store for lease in New Hope after 3 months of closure due to the covid shutdown

Any restaurant with outdoor dining was open, if they were still in business. 

Villa Vito and Kelly's Irish Pub in New Hope

Restaurants such as Marsha Browns were closed since they don’t have enough space available for outdoor dining. 

“Social Distancing” – I HATE that stupid term.

The mannequins between Marsha Browns and Love Saves the Day are still there. Obviously they aren’t wearing masks or practicing ‘social distancing’.  They are acting more normal than many people these days. (another set of mannequin photos – pre-covid)

Mannequins not social distancing or wearing masks

This batch of ducks decided to say “Screw Social Distancing and Masks”. Good for them. It’s not the avian flu anyway. 

The Logan Inn was undergoing some serious construction. The structure to the right is a new addition to replace the patio area. 

We stopped at Karla’s for a drink. You needed to wear a mask to walk the 2 1/3 feet from the sidewalk to our table. Please don’t take out any frustrations on the servers. They have to follow the rules or the establishment will be heavily fined. 

Once you are seated you can remove your mask. Otherwise eating and drinking would be comical. As usual we got great service and drinks. If you go in to use the restrooms, you need to wear a mask. 

The street was closed off to allow restaurants to set up seating on the street. I guess you run with what you have. 

It will be interesting to see how things go when we enter the “Green Phase”. 

If you are going to New Hope or anywhere for a day or night out consider:

  • Be sure to bring your masks. I didn’t notice any places selling them. 
  • Be patient with your waitstaff. They are adjusting to a whole new situation. 
  • New Hope isn’t particularly buggy but it might pay to bring some repellent if you are eating outside. 
  • MAKE RESERVATIONS – seating is limited
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2 thoughts on “New Hope and Covid.”

  1. Really interesting read! The situation has been difficult ever since the pandemic started. Small businesses in particular have been hardest hit. But people have started to come out. Plus, with vaccines being in the final stages, the future seems brighter.

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