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Engines at the New Hope Railroad Yard

Here are some miscellaneous shots of engines, cars and parts in the yard as of July 2018. Some have definitely seen better days. 

When we go to New Hope, I often park in the lot next to the New Hope Railroad yard. There is a spot where you can get a good view of the engines and rolling stock without trespassing in the yard. The New Hope Station will often have a train at the platform getting ready for an excursion. 

On this particular day there was an old steam engine, a cab from a steam engine and a vintage Septa car. 

I have no idea if this engine will ever steam again. 


Steam engine 1533 in the New Hope Ivyland Railroad yard
Steam engine 1533 in the New Hope Ivyland Railroad yard
Derelict cab from engine 3028
Derelict cab from Engine 3028
Septa car 9125 at the New Hope Railroad yard
Septa car 9125

It seems that the railroad is now known as the New Hope Railroad. Previously I knew it as the New Hope – Ivyland Railroad. 

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