A tour of Bucks County, Pennsylvania

The New Britain Inn

We visited the New Britain Inn for dinner in July 2019 for a dinner on the deck. 

We were heading up around 430 on a Saturday in July. They don’t take reservations but said it was slow. Of course, a lot of people are at the shore.

We opted to be seated on the deck. It didn’t look crowded when we arrived. By the time we left, the deck was full. It’s under cover and behind the building away from the road.

We started with appetizers. I had the pierogies. The portion was large enough that they could almost have been a meal. They were covered with bacon, onion and scallions. My girlfriend had the drunken clams.

Pierogie appetizer at the New Britain Inn
Drunken Clams appetizer at the New Britain Inn
Drunken Clams

For dinner, she ordered the chicken sandwich. They don’t substitute wraps for the rolls but that was OK. The chicken had a lot more kick than she expected so she asked for sour cream. That cooled it down a bit.

Chicken Cheesesteal at the New Britain Inn.
Chicken sandwich with sweet potato fries

I ordered the mac and crab which comes with a large house salad. I ended up taking half of the salad and mac and crab for lunch the next day.

House salad at the New Britain Inn
House Salad
Crab and Mac at the New Britain Inn
Crab mac and cheese
The New Britain Inn

The New Britain Inn is easy to get to. It’s just a short drive from Doylestown. 

Service was excellent and friendly and worth a return trip. For menus and more details, visit the New Britain Inn website.

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