A tour of Bucks County, Pennsylvania

Histand Supplies buildings in Wycombe

Just across from the Wycombe Publik House, there are some rustic old buildings that are still in use by Histand’s Supply Company.

Rustic buildings at Histand's Supply in Wycombe
Rustic buildings at Histand’s Supply in Wycombe

Many of the original lumber and supply stores in Bucks County were located along the rail lines. In the days before the trucking industry took over, goods such as lumber and feed were moved by rail. The buildings are about 500 feet south of the Wycombe Train Station. 

For more information about Histand’s see their Facebook page

Building at Histand's Supply in Wycombe
An old building at Histand’s Supply.
Tracks from the New Hope Ivyland Railroad near Histands in Wycombe
Tracks from the New Hope Ivyland Railroad.

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