A tour of Bucks County, Pennsylvania

Construction on the I-95 to PA Turnpike connector is nearing completion.

Well, it only took 50 years but we are getting very close to a direct connection between I-95 and the Pennsylvania Turnpike.

At some point by early fall, we should see the completion of the connection between I-95  and the Pennsylvania Turnpike. That will benefit thousands of drivers each day. If you drive between the Bensalem interchange and the New Jersey Turnpike, you have seen steady progress with the construction. The delays caused by toll booths are now gone with ezpass/cashless tolling.

The plans include a Park and Ride, a second bridge over the Delaware River and widening the remaining part of the Turnpike.  According to the PA Turnpike commission the time savings from the new interchange will benefit residents and businesses dramatically.  The second Delaware River  bridge will provide welcome redundancy especially if you remember it’s closure because of structural issues.

In 2000, these reductions, or travel cost savings, translated into more money in commuters’ pockets and more savings for businesses depending on quick truck deliveries for efficient operations. As a result, the potential economic benefits were:

  • $5,900,000 in business savings in 2010, rising to $38,700,000 in 2025
  • $1,400,000 in household out-of-pocket savings in 2010, rising to $11,600,000 in 2025

These travel cost savings also meant increased productivity for regional firms, allowing them to expand their profitability and employment base. As a result, the economic benefits were:

  • 1,200 regional jobs by 2025 (178 in Bucks County)
  • $125,000,000 in regional business sales by 2025 ($20,000,000 in Bucks County)
  • $50,000,000 in regional personal income by 2025 ($8,000,000 in Bucks County)






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