A tour of Bucks County, Pennsylvania

Beware of fake Peco employees.

Dubious characters are knocking on people’s doors saying they are from Peco. DO NOT LET THEM IN.

This has also happened with people posing as water and sewer authority ‘inspectors’.  Do not open your door and do not let them in.

 If someone knocks on your door and says they’re from PECO and they need important information, don’t give it to them. In fact, don’t talk to them. Just close the door and report the incident to authorities.

The Patch

They also use a tactic called “spoofing” to manipulate the Caller ID displayed phone number so that it appears as a PECO number. PECO also cautions customers to be mindful of individuals who try to gain access to their homes by posing as utility workers. Utility impostors may carry “official” looking credentials and often work in pairs.

Peco’s Site

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