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Bensalem Police made an arrest in the 10000 packets of Heroin found at a high school

In December, a backpack was found in a Bensalem school with 10000 packets of heroin worth over 100,000 dollars. The police made an arrest in the case.

From the Bensalem crimewatch site

Natasha Willis (pictured) was charged with possession with intent to deliver narcotics and related offenses.  She was arraigned by District Justice Falcone and bail was set at $750,000.00 (10%).  Willis was turned over to PA Constables and transported to the Bucks County Correction Facility.

The fact that over a hundred thousand dollars worth of drugs were on school property is deeply disturbing. The report says that the drugs were not intended for distrubution at the school but that is irrelevant. With that dollar value, the danger of violence is high.

Thankfully the school officials and police reacted quickly.

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